God’s greatest gift to North Jersey/ NYC-metro area – the Sojo Spa.

Sojo Spa Club is a luxurious 5-floor getaway castle for the soul in Edgewater, NJ, and it is on my mental list as one of the top 5 experiences in the NYC-metro area. In the past 4 years, I like to think I do a good job of checking out the unique experiences the area has to offer. So I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff by now, and this place blew my socks off. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. A selection of saunas (clay, salt, infrared, charcoal & more) that will release any harmful toxins you’re storing in your body.

2. Hydrotherapy rooftop pool with a breathtaking view of the NYC skyline

3. Foot massage path that will relieve any muscle or tendon tension

4. My personal favorite: outdoor silk bath – a hot spring micro-bubble bath that will melt all of your stress away.


It’s an excellent place for a fun date or a relaxing afternoon with friends or family. The regular entrance fee is $65 but right now there’s a special winter offer – $50 for weekday entry ticket and $60 on the weekends. Seems like a hefty chunk of change, but it’s worth every penny. Trust me.

Pro Tip 1: If you are planning a spa visit during the weekend, and you are coming with a group, get the winter 10-pack admission pass for $450. You can share it with your friends for only $10. That’s only $45/visit for yourself and $55 for your friends! Everyone saves!

There’s complimentary valet parking available on site, and a free shuttle bus from Times Square. Sojo Spa Club does not permit children under the age of 13 to enter.

Pro Tip 2: Follow Sojo Spa Club on Instagram. Sometimes they give out free spa tickets to their audience!

Bath house

I took my parents to Sojo for a relaxing Christmas Day visit. It was a well-deserved relaxing afternoon for my elderly parents and a real treat for my overworked body.

Our first stop was the locker room and the bath house area on the 4th floor. The locker rooms and bathhouse are connected but separated by gender. The space was sparkling clean, and equipped with complimentary body lotions, gel, and bathrobes which (along with your personal bathing suit) served as our attire for the day. In the shower space, we found a wet and dry sauna, cold, warm and hot baths, and a cold plunge pool.

The second I saw the plunge pool, I knew what to do: get in the wet sauna for several minutes, and then quickly dip into the cold pool. The temperature shock is like pressing a reset button for your whole body. I come out revitalized and re-energized. This “hot to cold” immersion is a well-known Finnish tradition, and a morning routine for many “body hacking” celebrities (i.e. Tony Robbins).

Outdoor pools

After we showered, I got a facial mask with my mom and we met up with the guys to enjoy the outdoor pools. Our first stop was the air hydrotherapy pool. I was really sore on my hamstrings that day (all those HIIT classes!) and the underwater jets in the pool slowly massaged the pain away. The pool overlooks the Hudson River and the beautiful Manhattan skyline. I took a deep in and felt a wave of gratitude wash over me.

Next, it was time for what ended up being the greatest treat of the day: The Japanese Silk Bath. The pools are located outside and since it’s freezing out it takes some real polar bear skin to run from one pool to the next. But if you make it, you’re going to experience the ultimate ‘oh wow, aaaaah’ effect as you submerge in the hot spring micro-bubble skin-revitalizing bath.  It is truly an indescribable, divine experience.

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You’re going to spend at least 4 hours at the spa, so chances are that you’ll be hungry at some point. My stomach started growling about 3 hours in. Luckily, the spa has 3 options for food: an upscale restaurant, a budget-friendly (but healthy!) cafeteria, and BBQ (unfortunately, closed for the season at the moment).

We chose to eat at the cafeteria. I ordered a vegetarian Bibimbap (Korean rice bowl with veggies), Camilo had dumplings and my dad a pork belly sandwich. I’m quite a connoisseur of bibimbaps, and this wasn’t the best spa meal I’ve had (King Spa in Fort Lee definitely wins in this department), but it was still good! I wish that they had more Korean dishes on the menu, and less American cuisine options.  That said, I’m a food snob, and I’m always in search of authenticity for my taste buds, so I’m probably not the typical guest.

Food was definitely the weakest point of the experience, but I’m not going to entirely discard it yet. I’m going to check out the restaurant on the next visit and the grill upstairs when it opens up again in the summer.

Saunas & Nap Rooms

After we filled up our stomach, we headed to the nap room where my dad snuggled up with a book. The facility has plenty of reclining chairs and bean bags to sink into, and they are perfect for enjoying the Manhattan skyline. My mom and I decided to check out the selection of saunas (clay, salt, infrared, charcoal & more) to release all of the harmful toxins we had just eaten for lunch and Camilo went to get a massage. He got the ‘30-minute Men’s Muscle Reviver’ which is a deep-tissue massage. It was apparently the best, most thorough massage he’s ever had (and we’ve done our share of fancy massages in Thailand!).

This was the last stop on our royal journey. We left with a soothing feeling of relaxation that lasted a few days. It was an incredible experience and I truly cannot wait to go back.

There is nothing better than a hot bath on a cold winter’s day. #hinokibath

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