Is Rent The Runway Unlimited membership right for you?

For me, Rent The Runway (RTR) is solving a real problem: I live in a small apartment with a tiny closet, I need to dress up for work every day, and I don’t want to spend money and time on refreshing my closet every weekend. I live in New Jersey, just across the river from NYC (ah! those NYC skyline views every morning 😍), and just a short train ride away from RTR flagship store in Union Square. Oh, and I hate doing the laundry.

Basically, I’m a poster child for RTR – and I love and use my membership every day.

But is it right for you? Should you subscribe to RTR unlimited? Is it worth the money?

My favorite dress from RTR (left) and a summer RTR shirt I used for a weekend trip (right)


If you live in a major metro area, have a job where you actually need to put on makeup, and attend at least one event (dinner, networking, drinks with friends) a month. If so, Rent the Runway unlimited membership is definitely worth your money. At $159* (they just increased their price from $139 but the first month is 20% free). If you live within a reasonable distance from the physical store, you’ll be able to pick up and drop off your stuff as many times as you want. Can’t beat the new outfit every day!

If you don’t live in a major metro area, but you love to dress up and attend at least one event a month, RTR unlimited is still well worth your money. Unlimited membership allows you to borrow up to 4 items at a time. Shipping takes about 3 days, so, you can have two items in your closet and two items en route to your closet at all time. New outfit nearly every day!


If you work from home and prefer indoors activities, RTR may not be for you. Their casual clothes section is rather limited. However, I’d still encourage you to look through your statements for the last 6 months and try to estimate how much you’ve spent on clothes. If it’s more than $80/month, you may still want to go with a RTR update membership. It’s a shipment of 4 items per month for $89. This tier is meant for someone who doesn’t like shopping, doesn’t have a job that requires dressing up and seldom goes out to events.  However, the main turn off of this tier is its price tag. Most women can buy 4 new items for $90, and they’ll most likely end up doing just that.

Are you afraid/anxious about taking your own closet to the cloud?

Or, have you tried it and it didn’t go so well?

Let me know!


Cute RTR shirt I wore to the Boston Calling Music Festival!

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