Secret Summer Project 🎙️

Whoa! I can’t believe it’s already August!

Time flies by, but I feel alive! On most days I go to bed exhausted, excited about life and profoundly grateful. That said, I admittedly have not made this blog a priority these past 2 months.

That’s because all summer long I had a secret. I’ve been working on another creative project…

I launched a podcast! 🎙

She Gets Out

My friend Michelle and I spent the whole summer chatting with women doing amazing things in the outdoors all over the world. For example, we chatted with Basma who runs the streets of Cairo, and with Noor who bikes in Pakistan despite the fact that both countries do not have a strong culture of women (or anyone, really) practicing sports outside. We were so inspired by these women that we decided to start a podcast to share their stories.

And… The podcast goes live today!

You can find us on all podcast players (just look for She Gets Out) or you can stream the episodes from our website We are also hoping to create a community on Instagram @shegetsout. You’ll see a lot of my outdoor posts there.

What does this mean for this blog?

Nothing, really. Some of the  fitness posts may find their way to She Gets Out (like the cycling trip one) but I’ll still report here on my the New York City adventures, and my general quirky thoughts, feelings and doings.  My professional life will continue to exist on in its very outdated state.

Getting over my fears with a BANG

It’s hard for me to expose my work (and my voice lol) to the world and I’ve been actively working on that fear. But this one is different. I’m so proud that the baby is out and the months of work finally came to fruition 🙂

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