Best views of NYC from the top 5 NYC rooftop bars

When you live in NYC, you walk fast, racing against the rush hour, never stopping, never looking up. You quickly forget how magical this place is. The remedy? Swanky cocktails and the best views on NYC’s finest rooftops.

I’ve made it a point to visit every rooftop bar in NYC and here are my top picks:

1. The Roof

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This rooftop is part of the fancy Viceroy Hotel, featuring the fantastic views of the Central Park. It’s an intimate bar perfect for a date, but it gets crowded easily. If you get in early, this is a perfect spot for a happy hour.

2. 230 Fifth

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This is eh… actually my least favorite rooftop bar. Customer service SUCKS, the drinks are expensive and terrible, and the seating is worn out and slimy. BUT! They do have one of the best views of the Empire State I’ve ever seen. The windows are tinted, which makes for a movie-like perception of the city. It’s an incredible photo opp location. And, since the customer service is so bad, most of the time you don’t even have to order anything. You can just go up, take a photo, and move on to a better bar.

3. Refinery Rooftop

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I love this bar. It’s the best of all worlds – it’s swanky but chill, great view, and enough space to comfortably enjoy the place with a group of friends.

4. The Press Lounge

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Located on the roof of the Ink48 Hotel. The bar is super spacious – and features city and Hudson River views. It’s a bit off the beaten path and perfect for larger groups.

5. Gallow Green

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This is my favorite rooftop bar in NYC. It’s always packed, and the view is not the best. But the VIBE! The decor, the people, the drinks – every detail is nothing short of spectacular. Plus, there’s a theater in the building – I’ve seen some of the best plays of my life here (Sleep No More, The Flight).

With a beverage in hand, light breeze on my cheeks, and the happy hour murmur in the background, I jerk myself to reality realizing that I live in the best city on Earth!

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