Long distance biking diet. Definitely not a hack to a dream body.

So, I’m biking 500 miles. You must be thinking: ‘she’s biking 50+ miles a day, she’s gonna come back a total babe with 0% body fat!’.

Er…. hold your horses, grasshopper.

The sad reality is that I may come back weighing slightly more than when I left. Why? Well, as always, the answer lies in what I eat.

Riding on the road in the South makes it hard to have a balanced diet. For the most part, my dining options are reduced to: fast food chains, Subway, gas station food and boiled peanuts. Nicer restaurants are simply not located along my route, and at the end of the day, I am too tired to ride anywhere that is more than 300 ft away from where I intend to sleep.

Before this trip, I had no idea that boiled peanuts were a thing! It’s a traditional southern snack. Peanuts taste like beans when cooked 🙂

I carry trail mix, dried fruit and cliff protein bars with me, but not much more. It’s simply not worth carrying the weight, so, again, if I want to eat… I have no choice but to park my bike right outside of a well-known fast food chain, put my head down and drag my body in for an artery-clogging meal.

Charleston was the only place where I’ve been able to find really good food (and booze).

In the first 3 days, I simply tried to not eat as much. The smell of old grease made me nauseous every time I attempted to sit down for a meal. Unfortunately, the lack of calories quickly resulted in major brain fog and loss of strength. I admit that I lost some weight then, but I had sacrificed my health and strength. Since then, my diet has been the worst it has ever been – I basically survive on Subway sandwiches, protein bars, fries and veggie burgers from BK. I fantasize about a warm Indian dish (Reva’s recipes make me so hungry!) or one of my specialty salads.

This muffin was delicious and well deserved – I biked 20 miles before breakfast!

When I’m in town, I buy some fruit but never enough to last me more than a day. I also carry string cheese that I snack on as I ride. And, I bought a jar of peanut butter that I scarf down with carrots during water breaks.

All in all, I’m not happy when it comes to my diet. I try my best to not eat terrible things, but what I eat still makes me pretty sick. I crave a home cooked meal, and I cannot wait to cook up a storm when I get home.

3 more days. 150 miles to go. I got this. 

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