Ganja Yoga – what happened when I did CBD yoga with … my mother-in-law

Yoga bores me to tears, but since my broken, hunched body loves it, we have a deal: I only do the weirdest yoga classes in town. That way, my mind stays entertained while my body gets the fix it needs. Over the years, I’ve done it all – acrobatic yoga, yoga with wine, hot yoga, and even naked yoga.

Recently, I stumbled upon CBD Yoga classes by Sanna CBD Yoga, and of course, I signed up. For the record, I don’t do any type of drugs. It’s illegal, yada yada, and I just have too few brain cells left to do anything even potentially harmful. 92.9% of my brain cells were killed off in college alcohol annihilation.

“let’s all kiss goodbye Magda’s last brain cell, okay?!!”

Intro to CBD

Not knowing much about CBD, I first needed to ask Dr. Google what the hype is about. I learned that CBD short for cannabidiol, which is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, so if you take it, you’re not gonna get high. The substance is supposed to chill you out, something I and the other 8+ million residents of New York City area desperately need.  

CBD’s calming effects on the body have medical results in combating seizures, anxiety and myriad other ailments, such as inflammation, and joint and muscle issues. It is patented by the U.S. government as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant, and reportedly, CBD is also found in kale, cabbage and broccoli (just in much smaller proportions).

I was sold. The ticket was $35 and included a yoga class, sampling of CBD, dessert (TAKE MY MONEY!) and a party after the class.

MY Restorative CBD Yoga Experience

To spice things up, I decided to bring my 55 year old Colombian mother-in-law along for the ride. She has a lot of joint issues that aren’t healing with western medicinal approaches. So we figured, maybe this will work?  The CBD we were given at the event was derived from hemp, which, according to my research, is 100% legal. 🤞But we knew mom would disapprove anyway, so it helps that she doesn’t speak much English. We explained that the oil we’d be given is the new miracle substance – cedar wood oil.

Decidedly NOT cedar wood oil

When we walked in, it became clear that the event was a joint venture of Sanna CBD Yoga studio and an online CBD oil distributor. There was a booth with the oils, with a clearly promotional feel to the experience. Imagine a cheese sampling station in Trader Joe’s – this wasn’t much different. I confidently walked up to the booth and asked for a sample. A representative from High Falls Extracts, very tall, older man with a mad scientist look to him squirted 10mg of the oil to my mouth. He advised me to swish the elixir around in my mouth, swallow, and just wait.

We got there early, so we wandered around to kill some time. We were not feeling any effects, so we went back to the booth a few more times.  Let’s just say people normally take 5-10mg, but we wanted to make sure it worked so… we took, err.. 30mg? Mom got some too. Unsurprisingly, she managed to find the ONE other Spanish-speaking person and my cedar plan went bust. Shockingly, she was not phased by it – turns out there’s a whole side to her I still don’t know! (and not sure I want to know?).


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Where’s Waldo?

Did it work?

The class was very gentle and relaxing, but it wasn’t profoundly different from regular yoga. I did not “go deep” into my poses – in fact, I felt a bit stiff throughout the class. It took me a very long time to feel the effects of CBD, and by the time I did, I wasn’t sure if I was relaxed by the meditation, the yoga or the CBD.

There was something different though. The yoga instructor was super positive and it rubbed off – at one point she told us to dance in our poses! The whole class was moving awkwardly and giggling. During the last 10 minutes of class savasana I felt tingling all over my body, and I was in a weirdly good mood. I just laid there, smiling to myself. By the time we got back up, I was AMPED UP, ready to dance my bud (had to!) off, so I showed off my shower Soul Train dance moves to a bunch of strangers.

I loved the feeling of freedom at the end of that night. Was it the CBD? The yoga? Hard to tell. But there was definitely a shift, and I wish I could live more of my life carefree like that.

P.S. Here are the dates for the next classes:

Thurs 27th (TODAY!) @sannacbd Hoboken
Sat 29th @cosmicfitclub LIC

You can get the tickets here.

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  1. Lol, I can only imagine this experience with your 55yr old mother-in-law. (My cousin).
    For you….just keep having fun and enjoying life .

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