Last information for Blue Room

You’re so close to your trip! Hope you’re excited 🙂 Please let us know what time we should expect you (if you haven’t already!).

Here is the last information you’ll need:

  • Your room is the Blue room (marked with a Blue B). Please make sure that you check in to the correct room as there are 2 other rooms in the house and there may be guests there.
  • The wireless name is 66AC8 and the password is 22835550.
  • Again, here’s your visual guide for how to get to our apartment from Port Authority Bus Station in Manhattan. If you need directions for how to get from JFK to Port Authority, check out this article.
  • There’s a small space heater in the room (if you’re cold) and A/C unit. Feel free to use them! (just try to turn them off when you leave the room for the day). Keep the window closed at night, this is a residential area and we saw a raccoon once on the street (fun fact: raccoons live all over NYC area – crazy!)
  • Here is a map with your bus options for how to get TO Manhattan from our house.
  • Extra photos of the common areas in the apartment.
  • A few local options for food and groceries

If you haven’t already, check out our guide for what to see in NYC! Also, we recently wrote up a list of eat cheap (but delicious) meals in NYC.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know any questions you may have. Thanks and have a great trip!

Don’t forget to visit the Hamilton Park! One of the best views of Manhattan.

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